There has been much discussion about what role Karl Rove will play in the fall campaign. On June 30, James Carville sent out a fund-raising email giving some sense of what that role might be.

“Republicans are placing a big bet on Karl Rove,” Carville wrote as he hit up Democratic contributors for cash. “Freedom’s Watch, the secretive Republican attack group zeroing in on Democratic House candidates, has put its expected $200 million war chest in the hands of Karl Rove. They’re handing him hundreds of millions of dollars to spend attacking our candidates with this year’s biggest ‘Swift Boat’ group…. The story is that Rove has teamed up with Sheldon Adelson–the billionaire casino mogul behind Freedom’s Watch. As a result, Rove will have nearly a quarter of a billion dollar kitty at his disposal. And, he’ll use every red cent to unleash on Democratic candidates a relentless stream of attacks that twist the truth and prey on people’s emotions…. Rove can run through Adelson’s money faster than a hapless tourist dropping his last paycheck at a Vegas roulette wheel.”

So is this true? Are the Republicans setting up Rove with his own personal 527 to use to smear Democratic candidates in the fall? Will that 527 look like the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, the group used to derail the presidential campaign of John Kerry in 2004? If so, will Rove stop with House candidates, or will his ultimate target be Barack Obama?

John McCain’s anger for what happened to him in South Carolina in the 2000 primary–supposedly orchestrated by Rove–is well known. Perhaps this is a way for Rove to participate in the fall election without working for the McCain campaign. The answers should be clear soon enough. In 2004, the smear of Kerry began in August.

1 Response to “ROVE’S ROLE IN THE FALL”

  1. 1 matt
    July 7, 2008 at 9:53 pm

    My sense is that the House is too small for Rove. Everyone knows Congress is not going to turn Republican this fall–if anything, the Democrats will increase their advantage pretty easily. He’s already made it very clear that Obama is a target of his (the country club comments, etc.)

    I’m sure John McCain is grateful for any help he can get in this election, but it will be very interesting to see to what extent he condones the inevitable attacks of the 527s (with or without Rove’s guidance). He is, after all, the public face of campaign finance reform as well the victim of Karl Rove’s most despicable takedown.

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